This NASCAR driver’s ‘Star Wars’-inspired helmet is amazing and we want one

If you're going to take inspiration for a new NASCAR helmet from a movie, Luke Skywalker isn't a bad choice
Image: Century Fox/REX/Shutterstock

While NASCAR fans will be focused on Sunday’s big Daytona 500 race, a driver on Saturday got plenty of love for his badass helmet.

Brennan Poole drove Saturday’s Powershares QQQ 300 while wearing a helmet painted to resemble Luke Sywalker’s headgear from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

The helmet, designed by BEAMdesigns, comes complete with Rebel insignia and even smudges meant to look like wear and tear. It’s pretty awesome.

For his part, Poole seemed pretty excited about the helmet, too.

Despite the bevy of jokes that would have rained down had Poole won the race “He completed the race in less than 12 parsecs!” Poole finished a disappointing 26th after being knocked out by an accident.

But he’s still got that badass helmet, so that’s something.

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